The Weekend

Mad. That's the only word I can use to summarise this entire week. And maybe frustrating. To describe how the week ended But things have happened, Things out of our control, That only required the high stupidity of one of our people, But these people are older and should know better They told us not … Continue reading The Weekend


Mixed Emotions

She told me she had a feeling about us, And by¬†she, I mean my best friend, The one I go to first, Who knows whether I'm doing something right or wrong, She told me she had a feeling about us, And she told me that every time that feeling occurs, It usually¬†occurs But I don't … Continue reading Mixed Emotions

Easily Jealous

You can call me fragile, You can call me shallow, I'll accept both descriptions Because I can easily break when I see you with someone you probably aren't even associated with, And I take things too deeply but can't handle a love so deep I have an issue with you, You can get me annoyed … Continue reading Easily Jealous


Am I enough? I know, A lot would say I'm more than enough That I'm everything someone could ask for But you're not just someone You are everyone and everything And some would say I'm too good for you, And for some others it's the other way round You've got others who can be able … Continue reading Chemistry