Blogmas Day 17: Good Cheer

Everyone's happier now, Aren't they? But why not me? Days feel like the ease of a light switch: Flicking on and off effortlessly They told me to be happy I was expected to be happy Because I have nothing to worry about I have nothing to be upset about But my thoughts have a different … Continue reading Blogmas Day 17: Good Cheer

To My Previous People

I'm sorry. I'm sorry that throughout all the time we grew up together in our previous years, You've only remembered me as the quiet girl, The one who sat there and wrote and excelled, Yet didn't make it into the higher schools, I'm sorry that we're not close anymore and everything is awkward between us, … Continue reading To My Previous People

New Era

It's hard to believe this is almost the end, There's only a few days left, Who knew that this would be how I turned out, I've achieved a lot, Yet I believed that I lost so much I lost my confidence, And I felt like I lost you too, So many Others have come running to you … Continue reading New Era

Be Aware

Watch as the tears gently fall from her eyes, Listen to the faint whimpering of her confidence giving out; Giving up Feel the pain slice through her body, Zig zag through her veins, Backstroke through her blood, Can you see the isolation? Could you see the isolation? Did you notice that she was never happy … Continue reading Be Aware


How come everything came flowing back when they found out? I guess I was reminded about how it felt: When the thoughts would come lurking, poisoning my brain cells Eating away at the tiny remnants of happiness, Breaking away, And away, And away They think everything would be fine just like that but it can't, … Continue reading Broken


I said I was giving up, I was just so incredibly tired of all the waiting, I knew that there wasn't going to be anything between us, Because there were no words exchanged Now the pain is hitting me like a ton of bricks And more terror is on the way I said something, Something … Continue reading Abandoned

ES Quote #31

Don't go for the one you had feelings for during the depression, instead, be with the one who took you out of it and was your sunlight in your days of cloudiness.                               ~ ES Ordinary xx


This is your fault I'm worried, You were one of the main causes of my tears, Your eyes were of manipulation, And your words were partially as well  It confuses me how you were the one I had feelings for in the dark times, Whereas he was the light which brightened up those times But I … Continue reading Again