Do You Know?

Do you know? I think about you daily, And I can't tell if it's helplessness, Or a problem I'm emotionally drawn to you, Attracted to you like a magnet You strike me from a distance, But lure me with your eye contact But I can't help but wonder if you feel the same way I'll … Continue reading Do You Know?

This Time Last Year- II

In all honesty, I don't know how I feel about seeing you in a few days, Seeing everyone in a few days This is the longest gap we have in the year before the massive canyon, Where the sun shines the brightest, Yet burns at its worst There's obviously going to be changes Especially with … Continue reading This Time Last Year- II


So, At the moment there is a gap A two- week gap, The longest gap we have in the year before the obvious one Before, These gaps used to be extra wide in the years back, When I had no one to make these gaps narrow And I had to occupy myself I guess that's … Continue reading Gaps


What happened? What happened to us? And why have so many of us left? Why has our stupidity grown and multiplied like a tumour? And why can't we know when to stop? A feeling of disgust builds up inside when I think of those around me How they continuously make everything worse for themselves, And … Continue reading Them

Queen Angela

Initially, She was a princess, Barely important, Only there to look cute and possibly take in her mother's footsteps, Because she had no power But eventually, Her mother died, So it was her turn to take the throne It seemed to be that Queen Angela was the Bloody Mary of my life Everything was one … Continue reading Queen Angela


I, I tend, I tend to fall, I tend to fall for the wrong people And when the right ones come along, My heart stays rock- solid instead of melting I, I tend, I tend to make mistakes, I tend to make mistakes cause I'm human, Are you judging me for being myself? For being … Continue reading Unique