No Words

No words can explain how I feel right now, Cause I don't specifically know So much has been happening that I don't know what to feel I don't wanna speak to anyone I don't wanna waste my breath on anyone No words can explain how hard it's been, I don't know how to handle it … Continue reading No Words


I can see it, I can see everything  And the pain I feel, Is most certainly real Why is this just the same routines? I always see them do what they usually do We're all divided, We're just not together anymore I don't know whether we were all singing the same tune in the first … Continue reading Onlooker


It's pretty unbelievable, How people my own age, In the same year group as me can act They believe they have the authority to do much more than expected: Touching in unwanted areas, Saying cruel things that no one would ever want to hear, Showing more than they should, And the funny thing is that … Continue reading Unbelievable

If…- II

If I was to stop paying attention to you all the time, If I was to stop caring about what you thought of me; Of you altogether, Would you then start to get concerned? Would you then start caring? When I try to make myself noticeable, When I try to get your attention, You seem … Continue reading If…- II

ES Quote #26

If pain didn't exist, would it ever be possible to look back at things that brought us down and be motivated and having the urge to improve more?                                     ~ ES Ordinary xx