Our 1 Year Anniversary!!😄🎉

Happy birthday Waves of Awesomeness! 😄 Yes guys, our birthday is October 18th and we joined almost exactly last year, can you believe it? I’m just so glad that we have been able to make it this far. Blogs take time, commitment and a very large amounts of creativity to make and some have not … Continue reading Our 1 Year Anniversary!!😄🎉



I don’t understand Why does this always seem to happen to me? How can so many of the wrong kind be in one area? I seem to be bombarded by my own feelings I tried to stop, But my heart kept beating faster and faster, It was opening, Farther wider, I couldn’t handle it I … Continue reading Letdown

Desired Desire

I badly wish for myself to be attracted to you Let me not lie, I find you amazing You treat everyone with respect, You’re sweet, Charming,  And appreciative  Why wouldn’t I go for it? I would be hands down on my knees, Begging for you Because guys like you don’t come around everyday  You’re one … Continue reading Desired Desire

Her Again

She returned Last time, It was someone else, Someone who I'll never see again But this time, It's someone I see everyday, And will continue to, As long as everything goes fine Why does it happen at the wrong times? Just a few months ago, I would've been fine if it were to happen, Cause a … Continue reading Her Again

Can You Feel Me?

I’m not sure if you can hear me, But right now I’m whispering everything I’ve wanted to say to you, Everything you’ve wanted to hear, The exact words you’ve always wanted to listen to, Like a musical dialogue Can you feel my love racing towards you, In, out and around you heart, soul and body? … Continue reading Can You Feel Me?