ES Quote #31

Don't go for the one you had feelings for during the depression, instead, be with the one who took you out of it and was your sunlight in your days of cloudiness.                               ~ ES Ordinary xx


This is your fault I'm worried, You were one of the main causes of my tears, Your eyes were of manipulation, And your words were partially as well  It confuses me how you were the one I had feelings for in the dark times, Whereas he was the light which brightened up those times But I … Continue reading Again


Everyday,  I look in the mirror and know that I'm not good enough I hate the fact that constantly, I see such beautiful people, People who get complimented continuously on their appearance, People who feel good when they look in the mirror And you deserve this kind of person  You're too attractive for me and … Continue reading Deserve


Don't leave me drowning in the dirt, Don't leave me lonely to get hurt  Don't put my on display for friends  Don't make me wait until the end  Don't feed me to poisonous words  Don't make me stupid: please help me learn  Cause everyday you make my heart burn And my love is one thing … Continue reading Don’t


Unbelievable! It was just yesterday when I was so ready to let you go Beautiful thoughts of you were already starting to disgust me I felt my heart breaking with nostalgia; Rethinking wonderful memories captured in the times of the past Times which would soon mean nothing  But then today,  She came back with news … Continue reading Importance