I've known you for a long time, A very long time, And yes, I was attracted to you, You were one of the long line of many which I was stringed to at that age, And obviously, as I grew up I learnt that there wasn't anything real But how come I decided several years … Continue reading Retrieved


We can't be together, Our blood cannot circulate in time with one another's, It just can't be No matter how much my feelings yearn for yours to point in the same direction, No matter how many times I force my eyes to stop wandering in your direction, No matter how many times I wish you … Continue reading Forbidden

Rebirth- II

I can easily tell that we're falling apart In the beginning, We were fused together and inseparable, We were unable to be torn apart But as we walked together through time, We were slowly drifting away, Soon I was repelling from you, Being near you had started to disgust me, It made me shiver in … Continue reading Rebirth- II

Our City

Our city was built on a poor foundation, And on this, were dusty concrete jungles of conflict, Which touched dark, cloudy skies of despair Our city's name would send an unpleasant chill down people's spines, Because everyone knew our history, We never thought that the terrible city you and I built together would emerge into … Continue reading Our City

A Mess

How could this happen, my dear love? That all that we had fell from the skies up above, That my happy heart shattered into deep distress, And this neat, romantic beauty turned into a mess How could this happen, my sweet dear? That the feeling we had together was quick to disappear, That all we … Continue reading A Mess