Do You Know?

Do you know? I think about you daily, And I can't tell if it's helplessness, Or a problem I'm emotionally drawn to you, Attracted to you like a magnet You strike me from a distance, But lure me with your eye contact But I can't help but wonder if you feel the same way I'll … Continue reading Do You Know?


This Time Last Year- II

In all honesty, I don't know how I feel about seeing you in a few days, Seeing everyone in a few days This is the longest gap we have in the year before the massive canyon, Where the sun shines the brightest, Yet burns at its worst There's obviously going to be changes Especially with … Continue reading This Time Last Year- II


Question: Why do you keep complaining about not having one? Well, Maybe I like being majorly cared about by the other gender And maybe I like waist hugs from the behind, Or cuddles, Or whisperings of sweet nothings in my ears Maybe I like being treasured like I'm a prized possession And maybe I've always … Continue reading Benefits


It seems as if, Someone, Possibly, Fate Decided to pick up the thickest, Most memorable colour of permanent marker, And scribbled your name onto my mind Charging my thoughts, And boosting the immunity of my hippocampus, Causing all my thoughts to be associated with you I don't know how to stop it It's not like … Continue reading Permanent


I've been learning to love myself lately, To treat myself as a prized possession, To respect myself, But not be self- centred And it has made me think of what I could be to you I've been learning to treasure my good qualities, But accept my flaws as they define me And I've imagined you … Continue reading Treasure


So, At the moment there is a gap A two- week gap, The longest gap we have in the year before the obvious one Before, These gaps used to be extra wide in the years back, When I had no one to make these gaps narrow And I had to occupy myself I guess that's … Continue reading Gaps

My Feelings

My feelings have been spilling, They are overflowing and gradually creating floodlands before me I don't understand how they expect me to control my emotions, When they have a mind of their own My emotions cut corners and chase towns like a tornado, But they don't cause destruction Instead they cause enlightenment, Delight, And there's … Continue reading My Feelings