ES Quote #38

"A bird will go nowhere by flapping its wings once."- Anonymous If we were to only give it one try, we wouldn't get anywhere. But if we try and try again, we'll soar to far away to higher better places. ~ ES Ordinary xx This post was inspired by one of Paul Green's most recent posts. Check … Continue reading ES Quote #38

ES Quote #37

There may be people in your workplace or class who you aren't fond of or find irritating, but trust me, when they are absent for long enough, then you'd feel slightly empty without them. ~ ES Ordinary xx


I can't believe that this may be the end I knew they were trouble, I knew sometimes they didn't do the right thing, But I didn't know that it would go this far, I didn't know that these consequences would be taken into place so quickly These two years haven't even fully come to an … Continue reading Suspense


Listen to the crumble of the sound of the soul of the dark clouds, And feel their tears wash away sunshine and blue skies I watch through the windows of the beautiful storm, My pleasure shines through the moist, corrupted shadowy atmosphere Why does this pleasure me so much? It's your realisation You finally realised … Continue reading Rain

Five Days

Why does it seem like we're falling apart? It was when we entered this new year, This new stage, That things started to go downhill Just because there were people below us, Didn't mean we were officially on top We were still considered the younger ones, Because of the colour of our blouses and ties, … Continue reading Five Days