I Could- II

I could search the entire world, The inner layers, The outer atmosphere, The stars and the skies, To find someone like you, But you're original, You're irreplaceable And that would be impossible I could write you letters when I can't say the words myself: When I'm too nervous, Or too upset I could make you … Continue reading I Could- II


Your beautiful image is a burning photo in my mind: Your soft, beautiful hair planted on your head, Your bright glowing smile, Your brown, piercing eyes They're mind tattoos Everyday I miss you even more, Even if I know certainly that I would see you the next day But still, Your absence is painful, Every … Continue reading Dreaming

When It Hits You

When it hits you, It's surprising, Unexpected, Shocking, And unwanted It hits you like a wave of negative energy, A wave of anxiety, stress and sadness Your breath is stolen, And you're left with the heavy, uneasy kind, That scorches your heart, And sends sharp throbbing pains to your throat When it hits you, You … Continue reading When It Hits You

I Miss It

I miss the way we were last year: Younger, Cuter, Sweeter and gullible You were so sweet, And you still are I miss the way you would apologise when you didn't exactly need to I knew you had a heart, That was beating with love And I miss the way you used to look into … Continue reading I Miss It

Destroy Me

Destroy me, Rip my bones apart and grind them into dust Tear my flesh from their attached bones Make me feel worthless, Smash my heart into billions of pieces: Until it is impossible to repair Confuse me, Make me feel terrible  Cover my eyes with dark negativity, Stab me in the back  Remove all evidence … Continue reading Destroy Me


I never thought a time like this would come: Where my insecurity rose higher than the heavens, Where I would never be completely satisfied with how I look, Where I'd be so incredibly conscious of my appearance I remember that time, When I found out what The Others thought about me What I didn't understand … Continue reading Unattractive