Things I Learnt in Year 8: 2016-2017

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Hey everyone! I’m here with the post you may or may not have been waiting for for a while ever since my Things I Learnt in Year 7 post. Well, if you have been waiting for this post, then here it is!

Now that I’ve finally finished Year 8, I can share with you guys- my awesome viewers and followers- what I’ve learnt in that year. There won’t be as many points as they were in the Year 7 one because obviously, Year 7 is a “bigger” more “scarier” year than Year 8 and there’s a lot more things learnt in that year than in Year 8. However, this post is gonna have a lot more explanations cause I gotta a hella things to say.



1.) Have fun and relax

Believe me when I say, Year 8 is the least serious year of secondary school. Think about it: in Year 7, you’re really conscious about first impressions, new uniform, etc., Year 9 is the beginning of GCSE preparation, and Year 10 and 11 is just total focus on GCSEs. The only intense thing about Year 8 is the fact that you’ll have to pick what you’re doing for GCSE. Other than that, have as much fun as you can cause that’s the only year and a half of fun you’ll have throughout secondary school. I wish I would’ve been told to have more fun during this year cause I spent most of Year 8 having breakdowns and attacks and struggles but at least I got some fun fit in for a part of it and that really matters.

2.) Separate your fun time and study time

Despite the fact that Year 8 is such a calm year, you need to save some time to be focused on your work and be serious for once. When it comes to around the end of the year, most of the tests that are taken are usually the ones which determine which classes you’ll be in for GCSE. I remember us taking a theory test for PE and we were told that if you chose to do GCSE PE, to actually be given the course, it would require you to get at least a 70% on the test, which as you can tell, is a lot of pressure. So it’s good to know when to relax but also when to start working.

3.) Don’t feel threatened or downgraded by the popular people

An important thing to remember is the fact that the popular people are still regular people, they just appear to either be overrated by other people or mostly seen in bigger groups. As I said in my ‘Why You Shouldn’t Always Follow The Popular Crowd’ post, a majority of the popular people are infamous, meaning there are known for something negative or the wrong reasons. I find it stupid for them to look down to people who are better behaved despite the fact that those people are actually gonna get somewhere in life.

4.) Choose wisely

In Year 8, you get to choose the courses you want to take for GCSEs. When it comes to this, you should either pick according to either your interests or your talent towards the subject.

Do not only pick a course particularly because your friends are doing the same one or because everyone else is. It depends on how good you are not how much you want to be with your friends or everyone else. 

5.) Continue participating in extracurriculars

It was only during around the end of Year 8 that I realised that time was running out for me to make my mark. The more you participate in extracurriculars, means there is a bigger likelihood in you making your mark in the school.

6.) Never change and/or do anything “wild” for the attention of the other sex

There have been girls in my Year group whom have taken racy pictures of themselves and sent them to people of the other sex and some other stuff as well for their attention. You should never do this no matter the age or the excuse. If you want to get the attention of the other sex, then it’s better to show them how great a person you are instead of how great your body is. 

The same goes for boys as well. It’s all about the heart and not the body; and also don’t try to “encourage” a girl to be more sexual towards you, cause that causes mild insecurity for the girl and also more trouble for her as well.

7.) Don’t worry yourself too much for the year

Despite the number of tests needed to be taken in Year 8, there’s barely anything to worry about. Just relax and have fun during this year because things will get harder in the years to come

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. I’m sorry there wasn’t as many points as the one for Year 7, but as I said before, Year 7 is a bigger year.

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Peace out and stay awesome. ✌🏾

                ~ ES Ordinary xx

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