Why You Shouldn’t Always Follow the Popular Crowd- SecSchool Survival Files

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Oh my goodness! Another full- length??


Hey guys, I’m here with another full- length blog cause honestly I’ve been having so many ideas for some and I also realised that my last post in the SecSchool Survival Files category was posted around six months ago and I’ve been in need of some. By the way, if you’re new to my blog or genuinely don’t know, the SecSchool Survival Files (the sec being short for secondary) is one of the categories on my blog where I provide some advice or talk about things faced in secondary or just public school altogether. You should really check it out if you haven’t already. Just go to the homepage of my blog and where it says “Choose Wisely”, under it there is a place where you can pick categories of my blog and SecSchool Survival Files is one of them.


Since I’m starting to waffle a bit


I know most of you guys- me included- have felt either threatened by, in awe of or downgraded by the popular crowd. Throughout the two years I’ve been in secondary school, I’ve felt all of the above.

There were times when I felt like they were forever putting me down. There’s even a lyric in one of my songs which says:

“How come, how come, how come,

The people he’s with, they downgrade me and put me down?”- He Doesn’t Know Me from Nostalgia ©

Let me tell you. As a fact, there is at least a few popular people that look unto those less popular people like they’re a piece of crap or just “lesser than”. Some popular people believe that since they are so popular, that makes them some sort of celebrity making them a “higher status” then everyone else and that they deserve special treatment. People like this are the type of people you should avoid.

For a long time I let people like this get into my head and I started to believe that they actually were in some way better because of the fact that they had more rates and more attractive. When it comes to making friends, I focus on how they act towards me and how they act towards other people, including particular ones. I happen to draw away from people who treat others with disrespect just because of their lack of friends or even just for being themselves. I’ve even had some of my friends say stuff like:

ES, why don’t you like them? They didn’t do anything or say those things to/ about you, so why are you getting angry?

I once got angry because a popular person I highly disliked then- but don’t really care about now- said one of my friends was “so dumb”, despite the fact that they are one of the most intelligent people in the year group. It wasn’t even like she was saying it as a matter of opinion, she was stating it as if it were a fact and what made it even worse was that the people she was saying that to didn’t even try to object that fact, instead they laughed. So when it comes to people like this, not only including those popular who are like this, you need to watch out.

Another reason it isn’t always a good idea to follow the popular crowd is because of infamy. Infamy is being famous for a negative reason: things like getting in trouble with people like the police or higher staff in school can be included.

In school, you should know that there was that one person- or maybe even more- who was popular mainly because of either a terrible deed they pursued or just their bad behaviour in general.

One of my friends (I don’t really consider them my friend anymore) because more popular in my year group because she was found giving oral sex to another person in my year group and also sending “pictures” to that same person as well. Before then, she was just a girl who came in the school a couple of weeks after everyone else did, befriended a number of people and gained crushes on a number of boys. She was quite popular but it wasn’t until that incident when everyone ended up knowing her particularly because of what she did.

Most of us believe that the reason she became like this was because of one of her badly behaved friends. She was sweeter when she first came into the school but now she has been changed into someone else and one of the main causes was that friend.

There are a number of people in the popular crowd who are victims of infamy and people who become their friend tend to become negatively influenced by them causing them to pick up the things they do. This is pretty much the main reason why parents want their children to spend time with friends which are good influences in order for them not to pick up the wrong things from the wrong people.

In addition to this, when spending too much time with the popular people, you would usually be called to be a suspect or witness of the latest beef in school. If you’re in secondary school right now, you would know that it is usually the popular people who stir up all the beef stew in the school courtyards. When things like fights happen, it usually isn’t just those involved in the fight who get in trouble; it also includes people who were nearby to the actually thing who get in trouble as well. This is called either joint enterprise or joint association.

Very recently, around 3 boys in my year group got expelled from school because of gang association. In London, kids are encouraged not to get associated with gangs in their local area. When you hear about a young person being stabbed on the news, the main reason is highly likely to be gang association. That’s why in school, when beef happens, most especially fights, you see some people running away because if they are caught close to the happenings of the situation, they would get in trouble too just because of being there.

Of course, not everyone in the popular crowd is bad. You have those who are popular for the right reasons such as school representations and award- winning. However, these sort of people aren’t always considered popular or bait to the students, but popular to the school and staff. The infamous students are usually the ones that happen to be popular amongst the students and this is bad.

Don’t worry. If you aren’t popular in your year group, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done anything wrong, or you aren’t good enough. There are some people who may even wish to be like you because of things like not being caught in a crowd doing the wrong thing by teachers and stuff similar to that. If you want to be known, make sure to make yourself known for the right reasons and not the wrong.

Because that’s what matters more.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. Sorry it was so long cause I was having a bit of a rant I guess, but I hoped it was very helpful.

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Peace out and stay awesome 🙂

~ ES Ordinary xx


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