Why I Hate Eating In Front of People

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Well look what we have here, a new full length blog from ES Ordinary, what a surprise! Yes, guys, after like how many months or so, I have a new full length blog for you guys to read and this one is gonna be a bit of a rant of why I hate eating in front of people. I hope there are some of you out there that can relate to this! Anyways let’s start!

Let’s just all think about how much better enjoyed food is while eating it on your own in front of the TV or any device you can binge- watch stuff on is ten times better than eating in front of other people. It’s pretty much something everyone can relate to or with.

I happen to be one of those awkward people who when eating in front of a group of people, are continuously dabbing their mouths with a napkin like ten times every second in fear of there being “something on my face”. I know for a fact, that depending of the type of people you are sitting and eating with, there is gonna be at least one of them judging you on the way you eat; and one of my biggest fears is for me to make a ‘weird mistake’ when I eat and that particular person going to their sassy squad and being like:

Oh my gosh, she made me feel sorry for that burger she was eating. It wasn’t even like I lost my appetite: no, my appetite found it’s way to the other side of the country, but honestly I should say lost its way to the other side of the country, cause it was THAT BAD.

I remember once I ate in front of a person in my year group who I wasn’t that close to but knew and since none of my other friends were out, I ended up sitting on their table cause I pretty much had no choice- she was proper screwing me while I ate my pizza and it was so bad that I’m pretty damn sure a tiny bead of sweat ran from my forehead. She made me feel like a piece of crap that those dead animals on my pizza didn’t deserve to die for. But we thank God that when I’m going to eat, I always wait for my friends to come with me so I’m not abandoned on the tables of screwy girls.

Another reason why I hate eating in front of people is because, as I said before, I can’t enjoy my food as much. If I’m eating a piece of chicken in front of people, then I either eat it in a private area where no one can judge my eating form, or just away from them. I like to be myself when I eat food. I already feel like I’m kinda putting a mask on in my daily life but I don’t want that to affect my eating!

In addition to this, when I take precautions on the way I eat, it always ends up with me taking forever to finish my food, and usually when I actually enjoy my food, it takes me less time. I like to take things in big bites and portions cause it means more time for the taste to dance in my mouth since there will be more chewing involved. When I actually enjoy my food, by using my strategy, I tend to eat it more quickly and I’m actually known by some, for doing this. Literally, one of the mums of one of my friends remembers me as being the “really fast eater” at her birthday outing and to be honest, I’m fine with that. At that outing, I ate my prego roll (cause I was at Nando’s) really quickly cause I ate it properly:


I usually find myself eating for other people, rather than eating for myself when it comes to eating in front of people. To be honest, I just fear that I’ll be judged for eating a certain way. So until then, at school, I’ll eat chicken with a knife and fork while at home and “certain” places, I’ll eat chicken with my hands.

Case closed.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post for today, I know it wasn’t as funny as my other full lengths but as you know, I haven’t done them for a while and halfway through writing this one I realised there’s pretty much only one main reason for why I hate eating in front of people. But at least it’s out there now.

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Peace out and stay awesome πŸ™‚

~ ES Ordinary xx


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