New Era

It’s hard to believe this is almost the end,

There’s only a few days left,

Who knew that this would be how I turned out,

I’ve achieved a lot,

Yet I believed that I lost so much

I lost my confidence,

And I felt like I lost you too,

So many Others have come running to you like a winning lottery ticket,

They didn’t realise that you aren’t the same guy from last year,

Just because of the fact that you grew taller,

Became more beautiful,

And more full of yourself,

They believe that that is how you’ve always been

This year has changed all of us

We seemed so innocent when we first came:

Eyes wide open,

With a crispy cloud of fear

How did we become so comfortable?

I’m afraid for what will happen in this new year

We’ve lost so many people already,

What if we lose more?

I want things to be better

I can’t exactly wish for things to go back to the way it was,

But I don’t exactly want things to stay the same

I’ve lost and gained faith,

And I want my faith and I to stand together like partners in crime,

I want to make my mark in this new era,

And I don’t want my negative thoughts to get in the way,

Why should I let people who are below me,

Even though they think otherwise-

To stand before the depths of my mind making me feel bad about the things that I’m not,

When I can be with the people I love building a tower of the wonderful things I am

This is a new era,

And I don’t want to make the same mistakes again



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