Be Aware

Watch as the tears gently fall from her eyes,

Listen to the faint whimpering of her confidence giving out;

Giving up

Feel the pain slice through her body,

Zig zag through her veins,

Backstroke through her blood,

Can you see the isolation?

Could you see the isolation?

Did you notice that she was never happy when she was around?

It would be too rare to see a smile sweep into her face

Her dimples, lines and creases were of no use

Did you ever notice the red marks,

Or was she too good at hiding them?

Did you ever talk to her about it?

Did you even care?

Where were you when you got the news?

How did you feel?

Did you feel like you were able to do something?

You were given so many chances,

You may have stopped it,

If you showed enough care and attention
You should’ve been aware,

Why weren’t you aware?

All you had to do was see, watch and listen 


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