I can set you free,

But I can’t let you go

You’re still in my blood and I can’t help it

Everyday I wonder:

If you were never in my life, would things still be the same?

It’s had to imagine how it would be like

I would barely know you,

You wouldn’t even be important to me,

I may even despise you somehow

Despite the fact that the feelings I had for you were forced to surpass,

We’re still close,

We can still talk to each other,

We can still communicate,

And I’m happy about that

But I’m worried about my thoughts and feelings being reborn

I just wish I could tell you that I’m more than just another friend now

I will be there for you no matter what,

And whatever you need help with,

Whatever terrible thing was to come your way,

I’ll be there to save you,

Cause I love you,

And I wish the best for you,

And in this moment in time,

I think I may need to save the day


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