New One

After what happened last week,

I was pretty much forced to let you go

I’ve been managing well without you,

Now that I don’t have any distractions or anyone bringing me down,

I’ve been doing fine

What confuses me is that so much has happened in the past week so far

Before it was someone so close to me,

But now it’s a friend of someone who used to be close to you

I know I shouldn’t feel hurt,

Because I made a promise to myself

And if I was to retrieve those feelings I gave away last week,

Then I wouldn’t forgive myself

I don’t want to go back to the mistakes I’ve made before;

One of those mistakes being you

What would really hurt me would be if you went to this new one,

Instead of the one who was close to me

I know for a fact that you like her more,

But what if you only want to go to the new one because of her body?

That would be you making two mistakes

I don’t wanna worry about you anymore

As a matter of fact,

Barely seeing you today was therapeutic

I now have my eyes for someone else

I don’t expect anything from him,

Mostly because he’s someone I wouldn’t usually go for

And someone I shouldn’t expect to get anyway

I feel better just looking from a distance,

Rather than making moves like that kind of person

I guess I’ve found someone new,

And you just have to deal with the fact that I don’t want you anymore

I have no reason to give you another chance

I already did before,

And look at what we’ve got here now

I hope I keep going down this slick road without any obstacles along the way

And I wish the same for you too


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