Truthful Doubts

It was pretty hard- hitting to find out that one of my worst nightmares about you could’ve come true

I already heard all the rumours,

That genuine one,

People told me to be aware,

That I should be angry,

But I wasn’t

However, I was aware,

And I started to ask myself questions:

What if it’s more than a compliment?

What if he was starting to have eyes for her?

What if there’s more to it?

They told me I should be angry with her because she appeared to be stealing you,

Even though I knew that it wasn’t exactly the case

I knew I had no reason to be upset,

Instead I should be grateful that two people so dear to me are bonding and sharing compliments

Of course,

People were gonna take it the wrong way,

However I didn’t know it was gonna be taken this far

I wish I was there to see it,

But maybe that was the entire point

I wasn’t there for people to be cautious and delicate about,

How could this happen?

I was so afraid this was gonna happen,

But I let it slip away,

I let it run out of my mind,

But it hurts that the doubts have become more reasonable

I remember the depressed feelings,

That if I was to go away I would give you and her my blessing,

Because I knew it would work out

But I guess it came too early 

The pain is unbearable

I guess all this time I’ve been too nice,

I’ve been too delicate,

Too easy,

Because I was too scared of getting myself in trouble

But who knows?

I may actually have a better reason this time 


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