I can’t believe that this may be the end

I knew they were trouble,

I knew sometimes they didn’t do the right thing,

But I didn’t know that it would go this far,

I didn’t know that these consequences would be taken into place so quickly

These two years haven’t even fully come to an end,

But already,

The separation is too painful

I’ve seen and known them since day one,

They are pretty much like family,

Even though we weren’t as close as they were to other people,

I know we were still quite connected,

Like planets,

We may be far away,

But we’re still connected by a strong bond

I didn’t realise that in this new year,

The rest of us would be losing control,

Becoming out of place,

I never thought it would come to this

There are possibly gonna be people I’ll never see again,

It would only be by coincidence

It would only be if I see them again the next week,

When I’ll know whether it’s really true,

This most likely will be the end,

Despite the fact that we’re pretty much still at the start


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