Listen to the crumble of the sound of the soul of the dark clouds,

And feel their tears wash away sunshine and blue skies

I watch through the windows of the beautiful storm,

My pleasure shines through the moist, corrupted shadowy atmosphere

Why does this pleasure me so much?

It’s your realisation

You finally realised who she was,

It was when you showed her your real heart,

That she realised,

It was when you found out what she thought about your true self that you realised:

She wasn’t the one

Why couldn’t she have loved you through the sun and the rain?

She fell in love with the wrong thing 

She didn’t care about your beautiful heart,

She cared about your beautiful body and clothes,

She cared about your beautiful money

You couldn’t see through the blurred, translucent raindrops that she didn’t believe in you

You caught her attention like thunder,

But she didn’t capture your heart like lightning 


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