Your smile is nostalgically haunting,

The beauty of it could bring tears to my eyes,

The way it had never changed from the full two years I’ve known you,

Since the full two years I’ve loved you,

That beautiful smile burns in the delighted part of my memory

Your smile gives me hope ambition,

I know that now,

Since we’ve properly grown up,

You’ve changed bodily,

And I guess mentally too

You’re taller,


And more beautiful

But what hasn’t changed is that smile,

And the fact that you care about me

I know there’s times when I feel like I’m asking for too much and I’m being either too patient or impatient

But I still have faith in you,

No matter how much more we grow,

No matter how many mountains we climb,

We’ll still have our hope,

And that show of happiness which bends through our lips,

And wires our teeth shut

And to this day and forever,

I still pray that your smile will never stop nostalgically haunting me


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