Imagine this,

You finally know what you’re surrounded by:

The earth and its surroundings,

That person you’ve never seen face to face,

Take a look

Notice how the words you were so close to saying,

Have drifted into nothingness,

How there’s absence of that usual vibration which lingers on the tip of your tongue

Notice how much closer that unknown yet familiar face has gotten to you

You thought she was just another person you see once in a while,

Yet she proved you wrong,

So wrong

Feel the warm,

Delicate tone of her breath as she whispers sweet nothings in your ear,

Feel your heart flutter as you listen to the tone of her voice,

The voice that leaves you speechless,

All you had to do was look up and around at the world,

At the people,

And you would’ve realised that there was more than just that beautiful body you see on your Instagram page,

That it’s all about the big heart,

Instead of the big behind 

You let the opportunity of a better way of life walk away from you

All cause you didn’t look up and around

Why won’t you?

It would leave you speechless 


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