Thank You

It’s time that I acknowledged you

From the day I met you two years ago,

The third day of when this all started,

I didn’t know you would be a huge part,

And have a huge impact on my life

Thank you for helping me know that I was cared about

You were the thought that reassembled me after I was emotionally broken

I know sometimes I get frustrated with the fact that we never got to be together:

That I never got to know how you felt about me

But at least I knew that there were present feelings 

Thank you for making me feel wanted and cared about

Thank you for giving me hope

You made me realise how much I was being dependent on other people to make me happy

I kept on wanting to make other people happy,

But not caring about my happiness

I was forever living in the shadow of other people,

Having the racket of other people’s opinions drown out the sound of my inner voice

I continued to care about what other people thought of me instead of what I thought of myself

I believed that if we weren’t together again,

I would go back to being that disconcerted person I was at the beginning of the year,

Because you wouldn’t be there to make me happy in my times of need

But what happened to pleasing myself?

I now know that I don’t need a significant other to make me feel wanted,

I have friends and other companions who make me feel wanted,

And now I know that we aren’t for each other

Thank you for being there

And thank you for helping me realise that:

I don’t need you anymore


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