What If…- II

It’s like there’s no one left,

He’s definitely not one of my directions,

It was a mistake to fall in love with him anyway

What made me believe that we would ever be an item in the future?

Maybe it was just his smile,

Or the twinkle in his eyes,

Or the beauty of his fingertips?

But personality- wise,

There was only one side I was in love with,

And that was the side which was generous,

Cared about people’s feelings,

And was always focused and incredibly intelligent,

But that side didn’t feel like another half of him,

It felt like snippets of a 6 month movie,

Which I only saw once in a while

What ever happened to you?

It was after I did my part, we were burning like a thousand love-struck souls

We were so connected,

But the next step never came

I can’t believe I was waiting so long for something you pretty much forgot about

I thought that I was gonna get what I was hoping for,

I mean I pretty much believed it would happen because you were all I was thinking about ever since I lost feelings for him

Just like the first time,

When I was heartbroken,

I thought about you and I had hope

But I lost hope later on when I gave up on you,

Because of the lack of answers I was getting

What if this was bound to happen,

And this is what should’ve been expected by you?

It happened the first time,

And it seems to be happening again

I don’t think I should go back to him

Because I’m tired of making the same mistakes and getting heartbroken

I’m not gonna let my weak heart step in the way of my success

What if all this time,

I thought believing in you would make me believe in myself?

I was in pieces before,

And thinking of you was what brought me back together

It was at that point,

I knew I was cared about,

I knew you always cared about me,

Maybe not as much as I cared about you,

Despite the fact that I care about you more than anything,

But I didn’t know that there were so many different people that cared about me also

What would it be like if for once I was independent,

And didn’t have to worry about any Others who would make me wanna be self- conscious of myself?

Would that make me happier?

What if I just need you here,

Instead of in the shadows watching from a distance?

We can be together,

But not as one,

We can care,

But we can’t care

What if this was all I needed all along?


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