Why can’t I get over you?

Maybe it’s because you’re sweeter than the last taste of candy wavering on the tip of your tongue,

Or because you were the flashlight I followed during the dark nights,

Or because you have a fascinating intelligence,

Or because you have the cutest smile,

And you make me smile,

Maybe it’s because you’re the last thing I think about at night,

And I pray to see you in my dreams almost all of those nights

Maybe it’s because you were the best out of all The Others,

Or because you’re like my other half

But maybe it’s because all I had to do was let you back into my life,

And everything became better again 

You gave me hope,

You helped me believe in myself 

You were always there when I needed you,

All I had to do was call

And you would answer in a heartbeat

If I didn’t let you in again,

Would I have been this in love with  you still?


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