Confusion- II

It’s getting to me,

It seems like I’m not important to you anymore 

We don’t speak,

Nor do we meet eyes anymore

I think it’s clear that our connection is lost 

But I don’t want our story to end

Don’t leave me to drown in these murky waters 

Don’t leave me tangled in the poisonous vines of confusion 

I want you;

I’m not even lying when I say that

As far as I know,

My answers are clear,

I’m not too sure about yours

I just don’t know what this is going to come to

I’ve spent so long waiting for answers I’m pretty sure I’m not getting

Now, in this current moment in time,

I wonder whether loving you was in it’s worth at all

We just won’t speak to each other and it bothers me terribly

I thought everything was settled,

We were going so well and our connection was stronger than iron

We were pretty much together but it wasn’t official 

You just needed to ask,

All you had to do was ask and I would’ve come to you in a heartbeat

I miss our beautiful connection,

And now I feel overcome with a case of beautiful confusion 


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