Better Off

I guess you aren’t my Only One

We both had amazing feelings for each other

But things were just too awkward

It always felt awesome when we met eyes,

And we had a magnificent connection

But when it came to us speaking,

Things went silent

You’re beautiful,

You’re wonderful,


And sweet

But how can I say that to your face?

How can I look into those beautiful eyes and tell you everything I’ve wanted to tell you?

There’s other people you’re better off with,

People you are so comfortable with,

And so happy with every time you’re together

And I saw you today with the one you loved first

You looked cute,

But that was the problem, 

It hurt because you had so much chemistry,

You looked so free,

And so fearless,

And you’re never like that with me

Maybe all this time,

My hopes were too high,

I think it’s better if I come down to earth this time 


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