I said I was giving up,

I was just so incredibly tired of all the waiting,

I knew that there wasn’t going to be anything between us,

Because there were no words exchanged

Now the pain is hitting me like a ton of bricks

And more terror is on the way

I said something,

Something I didn’t mean,

Something that I knew would cause a pandemonium if it got out

And it did

I knew it was wrong as soon as I said it,

I said that they shouldn’t have told her because I was wrong,

How would I know?

But that girl can’t be trusted

What is she supposed to gain from all this?

It’s not like she would care about what I think of her anyway

But it was negative,

And we’ve known each other for years,

So it was bound to get through,

And know she’s searching for me

I wish you were here to help me with this

I wish your words of assurance would be whispered into my fearful ears

It’s hard to believe that for once,

People have a reason to hate me

They already did,

Because of my appearance,

Because of the fact that I isolate myself,

But I don’t have anything against them

But now there’s people who are against me,

And I’m gonna be on my own with this one 


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