This is your fault

I’m worried,

You were one of the main causes of my tears,

Your eyes were of manipulation,

And your words were partially as well 

It confuses me how you were the one I had feelings for in the dark times,

Whereas he was the light which brightened up those times

But I know you realised what was happening

You saw that it was happening so frequently and I could tell you were concerned,

You realised how sensitive I was and you seemed slightly fascinated by the use of bright and dark colours on my mask 

You noticed that perfection was the enemy I wanted to be incredibly close with

But the bad reputation you hold is the barrier that breaks everything

You’re with the wrong people,

You do the wrong things,

You have a list of Plan Bs laying down on useless paper

These things cover up the golden personality I can see deep inside

It’s hard to believe that I believed that an us would ever exist

We’re so different,

Yet with him,

He felt like my other half

But he let me down

He had me on a leash of false beliefs

I believed that one day his confession would come knocking at my door 

I believed that there were actually feelings

But I should’ve known,

I should’ve been smarter,

If there were actual feelings,

Then there wouldn’t have been a problem

But now it’s back to you,

To this day I still believe you were a mistake,

And I was so stupid to think anything would’ve happened,

But now I’m having second thoughts

You know the exact words to say

But all he has to do is look at me with his beautiful, brown eyes,

And my heart would’ve melted already

I don’t wanna go back to you

And I think I feel the same about him too

I don’t want to make the same mistakes again


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