It was just yesterday when I was so ready to let you go

Beautiful thoughts of you were already starting to disgust me

I felt my heart breaking with nostalgia;

Rethinking wonderful memories captured in the times of the past

Times which would soon mean nothing 

But then today, 

She came back with news

Saying that you are gonna speak to me

It excited me

It made me wanna go back to you almost immediately,

And it does in fact

But I don’t know what to expect

I’ve been told lies about you,

And I’ve been continuously confused on what and wasn’t te truth

I’m glad that I’ll finally know how you feel,

From your mouth,

Rolling from the tip of your tongue

This is all I’ve been wanting for the past two years

I’ve given you so many chances,

I’ve forgiven you so many times 

It all comes down to this

I’ll finally know if I matter as much to you as you do to me


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