Your Past

I know about all The Others:

The ones you’ve loved,

And the ones that loved you

I know for a fact that you don’t know that I know so much,

I’ve heard everything 

But don’t worry,

Your secret’s safe with me

Number 1

She was in the same group,

Meaning you would see each other frequently,

She was stunning anyway,

She stood out,

Stood tall,




But she was too much to ask,

So then Number 2,

Still in the same group,

I’m guessing the pain of absence didn’t want to be felt by you

She was awesome,

In every single way,

You had every reason,

Every reason

To feel for her,

But she was taken 

But I came in at that point

You still had feelings for her,

I know,

But it was clear,

That she wasn’t going anywhere,

So you turned to me,

I was your back- up plan,

But you never even told me what I wanted,

You never let me know whether you  felt the same,

And it hurt me

So I released you,

Soon you were let into someone else’s heart

It’s hard to believe that you thought I would be heartbroken,

Yet still,

It boiled my blood 

But I didn’t understand why,

In all honesty,

I thought you weren’t over me

And I thought seeing other people would be better for myself,

But I also forgot that there were other people you could like too

Or could like you

Then she came along

I never thought you two would come together

It seems so indifferent,

Yet it happened

But ended

She said she can’t put up with you,

Cause you stopped speaking,

And that’s the worse thing you could do,

Then a new one came,

She entered the institute with a bad reputation,

And she believed it would happen

But you embarrassed her

When hearing that she had feelings,

It surprised me,

Yet made me chuckle

Cause she wouldn’t have understood the struggle 

Now it’s back to me,

And still I wonder:

Am I in your past,

Or am I your future?


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