Perfect Imperfections

I love getting to know you more,

It’s incredibly satisfying,

And it’s makes me grow closer to you

Just knowing you’re not perfect either:

There are things which people don’t like about you,

And it’s the same with me

People may not think you’re attractive;

But I do,

Yet it’s not the only thing I love about you,

It’s one of everything



I love everything about you

From your beautiful eyes and lashes,

To your fluffy hair and amazing smile,

The smile that is always present and warms my heart for millions of miles

I love how sweet you are,

I love your intelligence,

Your humour,

They all add up to you,

The amazing you

The irreplaceable you

The unforgettable you

The imperfect,

Yet perfect you 

And no you could make a better you,

Except from you,

So please,

Don’t change,

Don’t get cast away by the seas of The Everything

Stay here with me,

As your imperfectly perfect self


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