My Beautiful Feelings

The fear for us is painful

It seems like after the day I told you how I felt about you,

The weight was lifted off of our shoulders

And our hearts were exploding in fireworks

But it faded overtime,

I felt like it was bound to happen anyway,

But I was so desperate not to lose hope

I believed in us so greatly that I thought this would never happen,

But the note we were left on has sustained for longer than I thought

I’ve been too repetitive

Been complaining about the same thing,

How I’ve been patient yet impatient 

But it still surprises me how you would do this?

Why have me wait so long?

From all this time you were residing in my heart,

I never even got to know how you felt

It now seems as if I was doing the most all this time

And it hurts to remember all the lies you told during these two years I was waiting for you

It seemed like my gullibility shone through so brightly 

You made me feel stupid and played

And yet there are still secrets you’ve kept from me,

And I’m pretty sure that there are still some soon to be released

And with the people you were with before,

I always wondered whether these things applied;

Whether they had to wait so long,

Whether they were given lie- covered truth,

Whether things were as awkward as they usually are with me

But everyday I wonder whether I’m a special note in your symphony,

Or if I’m just another tune you’ve heard before,

Another uninteresting tune

I know how special you are,

You’re one of the most amazing people I know,

And everyone needs someone like you in their life,

But I don’t wanna be just another person to you

I wanna be the person who makes you feel like the only boy in the world

I wanna be the one that gives you butterflies every time I run through your mind

I wanna make you feel better every time the low feeling gets to you 


Don’t push me away


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