Hearing the ping of my phone,

And your name light up,

Is a blessing and a curse

It makes me frustrated,

Cause why wouldn’t you want to hear the sound of my voice,

Rather than the choice of my words and emojis?

Yet just seeing that first text,

Makes me want to take the phone and roll over,

Butterflies gnawing away at the insides of my stomach,

Too quick to reply

But even so,

Seeing your words isn’t the same as hearing your voice,

Yet with a phone call,

Hearing your voice isn’t the same as seeing your face,

Yet with a video call,

Seeing your face isn’t the same as feeling your touch,

But on days the intimacy is getting more and more irritating 

Sometimes I say you’re too clingy,

Despite the fact you can’t physically hold on to me,

And sometimes I say you’re too far away,

Despite the fact that you are

I don’t know what’s more distant,

You or our connection?

I’d rather get lost in your embrace,

Than the pain of these messages


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