200+ Followers!!+ Q&A: Ask Your Questions!!

Yasss people, it happened! Waves of Awesomeness has hit 200 followers! 200!! Can you believe it???

First of all, I would like to say a huge, great, humongous, magnificently big thank you to all of my followers for being part of the Waves of Awesomeness family: The ES Ordinaires. This blog would be nothing without you guys and I honestly love you guys soooo much and I thank you so much for Β being so supportive with my blogging. I’d also want to thank Karen Bain, J.A. Allen and Rik van de Wetering, my latest followers. Thanks so much for following this blog and I guarantee that you won’t regret it! πŸ™‚

Nowwwww for the exciting part!

So in honour of reaching 200 followers, I will be holding a 200 follower Q&A. So please make sure to ask your questions. I am actually begging you because if I was to ask for questions and not getting any then it would be slightly embarrassing and sad, but you know, I don’t wanna sound toooo desperate.

But anyway, please ask your questions by commenting on this blog. You can ask as many questions as you like, but they can’t be too personal or inappropriate for obvious reasons.

One last magnificently huge thank you! I’d never thought it would come to this many!

Love you guys! ❀

~ ES Ordinary xx


20 thoughts on “200+ Followers!!+ Q&A: Ask Your Questions!!

  1. Cheila says:

    1 – What shows are you currently watching?
    2- Coffee or tea?
    3- First movie you ever saw at the cinema?
    4- Favorite blogs?
    5- What are you really good at?
    6 – Do you read any magazines?
    7- Mac or pc?
    8- Do you have any siblings?
    9- What’s your favorite thing about being a blogger?
    10- What’s your favorite place in the whole world?

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