Tomorrow- III

At first,

I felt like I was losing hope for us

We hadn’t talked since and I felt so disconnected from you 

Of course, I didn’t see you today,

Only briefly,

But it’s not like I was supposed to anyway

I feared for your absence,

Thankfully you weren’t,

But it was just the fact that I hadn’t seen you 

I became scared

And in all honesty,

I kinda still am

What if that rule you gave me last time still applies now?

If that’s so,

Then I don’t know what I’ll do

No one else has made me feel the way you make me feel

You gave me hope,

And I’m always afraid that I’ll say the wrong things which would result in both you and I’d disappointment 

I never wanna disappoint you

But it’s always so hard for us to do this on our own,

Because we’re both so nervous

Yet we both know how we feel about one another 

We’re just scared to confront each other 


I still have hope, 

Just knowing you’ve mentioned me before,

And that I’m still on your mind gives me hope

And I know how we both felt at the time of those few seconds we saw each other briefly, 

But it hurt how we never even said a word

But hopefully by tomorrow,

There finally will be words

I just have to wait for:



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