Misses & Wishes

I can’t believe this is how it all turned out,

I thought everything would be fine,

That we were all gonna be together until the end,

But we’re out of control,

They say,

So they mixed us all up to try and ease the madness

But all it caused was more

I miss our family,

The family which were together since Day 1,

The family which always stuck together like glue,

That family doesn’t even exist anymore

And I miss you

Before the two week break,

We had such a huge connection,

There was this amazing,

Dangerous spark,

That lit up the whole town,

But now that we’re back,

That bright, bursting light we had, had started to wane 

You only had one thing to do,

Yet it took you so long,

And I don’t know how you feel anymore 

I don’t understand why this had to happen:

The separation,

The heartbreak,

The confusion,

The tears,

If only things were still the same as they were before those two weeks,

Then we would be fine,


I find myself struggling with this change:

Missing a lot,

And wishing for the most


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