My Impatience

After two weeks of overthinking and visions,

I finally saw you,

Glowing like a laserbeam,

Broad, tall and standing strong

You were a beautiful sight

Before we parted,

I knew you wanted to ask me something,

But you were too scared

But in all honesty,

I felt like I was forever waiting for you,

For all this time

I was patient for too long,

Yet it didn’t even feel like I waited 

There were times when I rejected my feelings whenever you came up 

I believed I had already grown out of you,

But how can you grow out of something that fits so perfectly?
You were always there

And I’ve known for do long that what we have is so real and so strong

And all I wanna do is come running into your arms

But how much longer can I wait?

I just don’t wanna be impatient 

Cause everyone’s annoyed with you for taking so long 

And I don’t know what’s gonna happen

But I hope this all happens soon


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