What You Did To Her- II

It’s hard to believe she never cared about anything,

She never gave a damn about anything,

She just went with the flow,

She never worried about anything,

Until you came along

The whole cycle switched,

The status changed,

Every thing became different

She used to dress for her,

In clothes which were comfortable and made her feel happy,

Like herself

Now all she cares about is you

She dresses for you

She has to act a certain way around you,

So she doesn’t get heartbroken by you

Boys were never her main priority before you came along

Now she’s messed up,

It’s like she’s broken

All the times when she was happy,

When she was free,

This was when you weren’t the main part of her life,

Now everyday she cries in fear of the fact that she may not be good enough for your standards,

When as I know very well,

She’s perfect the way she is

She always has been,

And she always will be

And now she’s insecure,

And everything matters

And that was all when you knocked at her doors

And she let you in,

But really,

She should’ve locked it as tight as she could,

Cause once she let you in,

So did the pain of her self- consciousness


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