To Us- 3/3

There are feelings,

And as far as I know,

These feelings are strong

But that’s what she said,

Not you

After I had faced my fear,

After I broke this huge barrier,

After I told you how I felt about you,

We grew closer,

We attracted like magnets

I can tell from afar,

That we have a dangerous spark,

Every time we look into each other’s eyes,

Every time we’re near each other

It’s hard to believe that I was losing hope for us,

When hope was clearly becoming success

I know we’re still nervous,

I know there’s still some words we need to say

But I’ll still stay patient

But I can’t stay patient for too long

I’ve waited two years for the six special words to run from the tip of your tongue,

And come knocking at the doors of my heart

I know,

It’s hard,

But I faced my fear for your benefit,

Won’t you do the same for mine?

Now I won’t see you for another week,

And you’ve been running through my mind,

And everyday,

Every hour,

I wonder whether you think about me too,

Trust me on this one,

I have high hopes for us,

And I know that fear will soon be the last word in our dictionary

And these walls of anxiousness will soon fall,

And we’ll soon have that green light we were in need of


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