To Us- 2/3

Nerves and our relationship appear to be the best of friends 


If we were more confident,

Would this be our main problem?

I can tell from afar,

That we’ve got an electric, dangerous spark

No way can I deny that your words:

They make me fly


I see you Amongst The Everything,

And I wonder whether you are satisfied with your current position 

It seems like we both seem lonely,

We both walk around looking for a purpose,

When we already have each other to seek

It seems like all our answers are crystal clear,

It’s just the fact that we can’t communicate 

We’re both afraid we’ll say something wrong 

Despite the fact that there’s nothing wrong with us

But it seems like I keep getting more and more confused

In the beginning,

I gave up on you 

Because I was never being told the wanted truth
I was hearing two different answers,

When I only wanted to hear one

And from the way it’s going now,

I’m not even sure if I’m gonna get the answer I want


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