I know,

We left off on a cliffhanger before,

Everything was supposed to lead up to a happy ending,

All the events added up properly,

It would’ve made sense

Yet still,

There were still knots to tie up

You told me I had to do one thing,

You gave me a limit,

Which was to benefit the both of us,

And if I didn’t meet your standards,

You would stop talking to me,

And my soul would be crushed,

So I did it,

I told you how I felt,

You took me into a warm embrace,

What I’d been waiting for,

For as long as I could remember

Our connection was stronger,

And I can tell from a million miles away that I’ve got The Feeling,

And you’ve got it too

But I did my part,

Now it’s time to do yours

I’ve already waited so long for your love to come standing at my doorstep,

My heart has laid open for so long,

And I just need you to enter in,

As soon as possible 


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