To Us- 1/3

We didn’t exist in the beginning

In fact, I didn’t even think we would in the end,

But my heart proved myself wrong

I know you were interesting from the first time I saw you,

From the first time I heard your name,

Your perfect, unique name

You never mattered that much to me at the start of all this

It’s even hard to believe that I was the cause of this

I was the match that would cause the dangerous spark we would possess

However, it was you that flung tiny flickers of light

It was you who approached me at random times,

Times I didn’t know in the future, would mean so much to me

If I ever knew, that year that you would end up mattering more than before,

Would I have warned myself,

That I was gonna get infected by your love?

Would I have made the consequences obvious?

Maybe, maybe not…


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