To My Only One

On The Fourth,

I don’t see you for a full entire period,

Unlike the day after,

Where I see you for double the amount

I hate it when you’re nowhere to be seen

No image is more beautiful in my mind,

Than the sight of you smiling at me

But I hate how I have to be continuously asking myself questions 

I know the exact area,

Where you pulled me into a warm embrace

It was unforgettable 

But still, I wait,

For you to tell me how you really feel

I feel like an onlooker to you 

Everyday I watch you,

And pray that somehow,


We will climb mountains and fly through stormy seas

I love everything about you:

From your hair,

To your dimples,

To that smile that makes you light up in the dark at all times

My heart endlessly screams for you,

And lays open, ready to let you in,

And sacrifice itself to you 

I love how we’ve gotten closer since the day I first let you in

For two years,

I waited patiently for you,

But busied myself with Others in between

I tried to find another to be the steering wheel  to drive me away from the thoughts of you,

But I struggled

When I first heard you had found another,

I couldn’t help but feel disconcerted,

And I wondered,

How could I have been affected, but not you?

I realised that you were my Only One,

You were irreplaceable,

And I was stupid enough to think it ever got better than you

To this day,

I can see our evolution 

I now know that you were the one to give me hope

And never in my life will I ever take you for granted,

Because you are special,

You are original

And I am in love with you 

Forever and always 

Love From The Girl Who Never Stopped Loving You


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