Your beautiful image is a burning photo in my mind:

Your soft, beautiful hair planted on your head,

Your bright glowing smile,

Your brown, piercing eyes

They’re mind tattoos

Everyday I miss you even more,

Even if I know certainly that I would see you the next day

But still,

Your absence is painful,

Every second I’m dreaming about you,

About how I wish you were mine,

How I wish you could take me into a warm embrace,

Until the stars fall out of the sky,

And our hearts explode in fireworks,

Because of our powerful dangerous spark

I wish you understood how much you mean to me,

I wish I could tell you how I feel about you,

That out of all The Others

You were the only one I loved,

You’re the number one,

You’re the winner of such a long marathon with so many runners,

You’re the one I’ve been dreaming of,

I could cry out to the entire world,

I could scream to the skies,

I could weep until my tears can no longer fall,

Until my throat feels like internal sand paper,

You’re the one I want,

And I’m tired of dreaming,

I want you for real and forever

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