Storytime: The Time I Faked Throwing Up In Nursery

Hey everyone! I have a full length blog for you guys today and I hope you’re excited, cause I sure am!

Today, I have another storytime from my exciting (and scarily weird) younger years. This one is gonna be about the time when I faked throwing up when I was around 3 or 4 in Nursery. 



So there came a time in Nursery when I was in class and one of my friends came in and seemed to be really upset. I wondered what was wrong cause he never acted in such a way. Well, very shortly after, he went straight to the toilet and vomited the crap out of himself. In the end, he had to go home.

Well little ES wasn’t too happy about this:

How come he gets to miss school? That’s not fairrrr!!!!!

Little did she know, was that she was gonna have such a mischievous, genius, master plan which was gonna destroy the world!!

Jk, it wasn’t that deep.

But honestly, I did have a plan.

So the next day, before school, my beloved grandmother let me have custard creams for breakfast; which was totally awesome cause it was the biggest part of my world- destroying plan.

So I chewed the custard creams, but I didn’t swallow them like a normal, civilised person. Instead I left it there swishing in my mouth cause I was saving it for later 😜.

When we were standing at the school gates, waiting for them to be opened, I was pretty much on the brink of swallowing all the custard cream mush because you don’t understand how peng they tasted despite the fact that it was all mushed up and liquidised. But I just about managed to contain myself.


When I made it to my class, I ran straight to the boys’ toilet (in Nursery, I was incredibly stupid and thought that the boys’ toilet was for people who wore trousers πŸ‘–…. yeahhhh 😬) I ran straight to the boys’ toilet and spewed it from my mouth and onto the toilet floor.

To my content, they sent me home as if I was a sick, vomit- packed child. 😊

So it came to like a couple of days or a week after the “incident” and I went back to school; all excited to learn and get educated (by this, play until the cows come home 😊)

However, poor ES wasn’t allowed back to school. Why, you ask? Cause apparently they’re still cleaning up my “vomit” and something else I don’t remember that well. I think they were just scared I’d “vomit” again cause believe it or not, I actually did vomit a lot as a child and that was literally the only time I faked it. They probably thought I was a vomit- packed machine. 

So I was pretty upset that I couldn’t go back to school. But hey, at least that shows I was a genius from day one! πŸ˜œπŸ˜‰

I hope you guys enjoyed that post. Honestly that story is just too funny to remember and it was great to share it with you guys. 

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Peace out and stay awesome ✌🏾

                                   ~ ES Ordinary xx


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