One Time Thing

I remember when I heard about what happened yesterday,

About what you did,

And why I shouldn’t even try going back to you

I’m not gonna lie,

I was heartbroken

My heart was like a glass window which you got a hammer with and smashed

And my blood felt like it was turning into gas

At that time,

I was wondering greatly,

What happened to the boy I fell in love with before?

It was as if that personality had drifted away into the dust

Now I’m left with someone new 

He said you don’t like her that way

But it still hurts

But I could be wrong after all

I know how you act:

You love making people smile

You like to play jokes 

Could this be another one of them?

I just don’t want to end up having to accept the fact that I’m still losing you

You’re floating from my reach,

And I’m terrified that you’re gonna be more engulfed in the waves of the Everything than ever

And as the Onlooker,

I’d have to watch you swim as much as you can,

Or drown

Maybe it was just a one time thing

This will never happen again would it?

It won’t, would it?


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