Forever Yours- 3/3

Loving you is like a nightmare’s dream

It’s as if as soon as I admit that we,


Do have something,

My doubts start filing in

Questions fill up my brain,

And in the end,

I never have room for required answers

I think about you more than I should,

And I long for you more than I should

Every time someone whispers your name,

My heart sings,

And butterflies flutter in my stomach

Every hour,

I wish you were mine

I long for your warm embrace,

My ears are desperate for your deep, sweet words to be music to them

If only you could read this

Then you would know exactly how you make me feel

How can I let the words slip off from the tip of my tongue,

When they flow better on paper?

Don’t worry,

We still have a long journey,

But no matter what,

Til’ the end of time,

I am,

And will always be:

Forever Yours


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