Is This The End?

You’ve done a lot of things which I didn’t like,

Some I wish not to name,

But I’ve pushed these all away,

Believing there is nothing that could change my feelings about you

But I couldn’t help but keep stuck to my mind’s pin board,

The fact that you weren’t the same guy I fell in love with the year before

What happened to the sweet guy?

What happened to the guy who would always apologise,

Even at time when there was no need?

What happened to the guy who wanted to make other people happy?

Now you’ve turned into someone different

You care about stuff that doesn’t matter

You now get the wrong idea about stuff 

And you’re getting involved in things you shouldn’t

Yet still,

I keep having faith in you,

I keep believing that you’re still the same guy from last year

But how can I be so sure?

I can’t believe for once,

I’m asking myself:

Is this the end?


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