Storytime: Why I’m Scared of Mufti Days

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Welcome to Waves of Awesomeness! It’s your lucky day because ES Ordinary is posting another full- length blog! Yayyy! Congratulations! šŸ™‚

Yes guys! I’m posting another full- length blog and lucky enough for you, it’s another storytime. This one is about why I’m “scared”of mufti days in school. And yes, there is an actual story of why, so I’m gonna tell you that story.



Mufti days are days when instead of wearing your usual uniform, you get to wear your own clothes on a specific day for a specific amount of money. It’s usually between 50p to Ā£2.

A lot of people love mufti days because they get to wear their own clothes and show how totally branded, rich and classy they are:

Yessss! It’s mufti day tomorrow! I’m gonna wear all the Adidas in my wardrobe! šŸ™‚

As a child, I used to love mufti days and I’d always wonder:

Hmmm… I wonder what I’m gonna wear tomorrow.

I’d always be excited for days like these usually from the day before. Or even, TWO days before. Unfortunately, this happy feeling died when it came to this day:

Sooooo, in primary school, we used to have French Day where we would dress up in the colours of the French flag and have a French- themed assembly and eat French food. It was amazeballs.

So there came a time when French Day was coming up. It was a Thursday and I thought French Day was the next day. I even asked my teacher (this was when I was in Year 5 btw) something regarding it and I thought: yeah, it’s settled, French day is definitely tomorrow. And of course, little ES was excited.

The next day came and I was gassing. I had my red, white and blue clothes on and I was ready to rumble. But before I went, I looked out the window to see if other students were wearing their French mufti too. However, I seemed to see a regular pattern, and I saw that:


So, scared, flustered and pretty baffled, little ES swiftly changed out of her French mufti and into her school uniform.

ES was pretty much having a panic attack

ES was really confused

And ES also felt really stupid

So it turned out to be, that French Day was actually the week after. And even so, ES still didn’t wear her French mufti, but she thought she shouldn’t worry cause there weren’t a lot of kids wearing their French mufti either when going to school.

Ever since then, I’ve been so paranoid when it came to mufti days. This was mostly because I was scared of the same thing happening again. Also one of things I’m scared about is people criticising my clothes. There are times when I dress in my uniform for mufti because I’m scared but there are times when I’m also scared to wear my uniform cause it makes me seem like a female buzzkill.

Sooooo…yeah. I guess that explains everything.

I hope you guys enjoyed that blog today. It was pretty interesting recalling such a weird and kinda sad story. But hey, at least I have a reason for why I have Mufti Day Paranoia (MDP for short šŸ˜‰ )

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Peace out and stay awesome šŸ™‚

~ ES Ordinary xx


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