To The Big Wave

I didn’t expect for you to come so abruptly,

And I didn’t want you to either

The order of events before,

That didn’t add up properly,

Yet the answer to such a complicated equation,

Still happened to still be complicated

I already felt myself slowly being caught up in the crashing waves,

I could feel myself being swallowed by the waters

But still,

It was unplanned

I thought I was going to be able to escape effectively,

I looked into her eyes,

And I knew she was gonna ask if I was okay,

And she did,

Few words came from her mouth:

Are you okay?

And as soon as they slipped off the tip of her tongue,

My entire system deconstructed,

My fingers clutched onto the gates,

I wanted to hide away from the embarrassment of you,

You who crept up on me and then consumed me in the icy feeling of sadness,

You who left me drowning in my own parts,



Because of you,

I had to run back into the house of fire,

To warm myself up,

You made me push my body against the four lonely walls,

In agony,

You the worst thing to ever happen


I fear that you come and kidnap me again,

I fear that you would make me suffocate again,

It was God that saved me


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