I Am

I am not a slave,

I won’t do everything you tell me to do,

Because I have rights,

I have thoughts,

And I do what I want

I was not made as an object,

I was created as a human being

You can’t crush me like an insect,

Because I have a heart that’s still going strong,

And beating

I have feelings

I am,

Who I am,


I know,

I make mistakes,

But that doesn’t make me a lesser version of other people

I am not worse than anyone,

But I’m not better either

I am my own person,

I’m not a copy or a second- hand version of another individual

I don’t trail around girls who do the wrong thing,

Believing that they are doing something that’s right

I am a female,

I’m headstrong,

I’m determined

And I’ll never,


In my life,

Be classified as dust under a man’s foot,

To be blown away in the wind,

I am not a man- made structure,

I am a God- made human


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