The time when I would usually see you,

You were absent

I knew why,

I knew there would be consequences,

And I knew you were facing them in your painful absence

You’ve had different consequences for different things before

Those things were only minor,

And I easily recovered because I knew for sure,

That I was gonna see you the next day,

But what if I don’t?

This is the worst you’ve done

What if this is the last time I look into your beautiful eyes?

Is this gonna be the last time I see that smile,

The bright smile that shines at the hardest times?

Is this gonna be the last time I depend on you for love?

I’ve been heartbroken by so many Others

Yet every time,

I always remembered that you were always there,

I could always lean on you whenever I felt like I was unloved,

But I don’t want that to disappear

I want you again,

I want to say the three words easily,

Because you always trigger the right emotions

I want to see that beautiful smile again,

I want to look into your eyes again,



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