What If…

I saw what you did earlier today,

And I took it as a joke,

But not as much as it took me by surprise


As a consequence,

You got caught,

And now I wonder:

Will I ever see you again?

What if they don’t want you back,

And you’ll have to find somewhere else to go,

Somewhere far away from me?

What if this is our last chapter,

Before you leave to start your new story?

What if I never get a proper chance with you,

We had a chance before,

And like candlelight on a celebration,

We blew it

I don’t want this to be our last chapter

We have a lot to talk about

We have a lot of things we need to tell each other

And I’m afraid if it’s too late to do so

You’re the only one I’ve ever loved

And losing you would be like losing my breath

Losing you would be like losing happiness

Losing you would be the worst case scenario

If only I warned you that you should take it away

Maybe then they wouldn’t have seen you

All I can do is hope for the best

Instead of having what ifs running through my thoughts,

And consuming the good memories we’ve had,

And the good thoughts and hopes for our future

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