If…- III

If I was to write my feelings down,

These beautiful feelings that set my heart on fire,

Every time I thought of you,

Then I would be covered in endless filled up pages,

Of words and emotion

If I was to tell you how I feel,

Then it wouldn’t have the same impact,

You wouldn’t have the full picture

When I write,

I flow,

I’d tell you the truth

I’d pour out until I was empty,

Don’t make me use my breath,

Let me use my pen and paper,

Let them have an allegiance,

Let them give you all you need,

All you wanted,

All you had to hear

Don’t put me on the spot in front of you,

Where I wouldn’t say all that should be said,


Let me bury you with thoughts and feelings,

If you were to make me say it,

Not note it,

Then you wouldn’t get the full outcome

You wouldn’t want me back again


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