Hope For Us

I’ve been heartbroken,

Many times,

I’ve had beliefs that I would have something with others,

I’ve believed in an us with others,

But that us never happened

But I remember when you came along

It was unexpected,

For the both of us

There was an us

But it wasn’t what I wanted,

These days,

Pretty much everyday,

I’ve wished that we weren’t so nervous

It’s clear,

We both have strong feelings for one another

It’s just,

We’re scared to tell each other how we feel

I have hope for us,

I still believe that somehow,

We will be something

One day,

We’ll fly high over mountains,

We’ll soar over the stormy seas,

One day,

We’ll change the world

All we need to do,

Is speak,

Communication is the way


Take my hand,

Let’s start our journey



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